Using more than 5 Decimal Places

Hi, I have a problem where the client needs the system to allow more than 5 decimal places when calculating MRP. This is caused by low usages and very low scrap percentages but very high production volumes. e.g. BOM quantity = 0.00049 scrap % 0.25% Production quantity for the month 2000000 pcs. Requirement is calculated as follows 0.000490.25%+0.00049 =0.000491225. System then rounds to 5 decimals and returns 0.00049 and not 0.000491225. This means that the scrap percentage is ignored. The material requirement is then calculated as 20000000.00049 = 980 and not 2000000*0.000491225 = 982.45. [?] Does anyone know of a way of increasing the decimal places allowed. I have changed that rounding precision on the item, but this does not change the answer given. Regards Richard

Hi Richard I do not believe this rounding calculation is definable from an end user perspective in teh area you are referring to. Naturally this could be modified to the end users requirements - I suggest you post this question in the developers forum, you may get a more accurate response.

Thanks, will do that now. Richard

Hi You can use different base unit of measure. You can Setup Base Unit Of Measure is 1000PC and in this case you can setup BOM Quantity per 1000PC = 0.49. If it is not enough you can try 100000PC and BOM quantity = 49.

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