Using Dimensions in General Journals

When posting a general journal we wish to allocate different dimensions values to the credit and debit general ledger entries e.g the debit entry on G/L account 10001 will be allocated to dimension dept 12004 and the opposite credit entry on G/L account 23980 will be allocated to dimension dept. 12007. Can anyone explain how we can do this? At present the journal line posts the G/L entries correctly but takes the first entries dimension for both the debit and credit. Thanks

Enter the debit and credit on separate lines of the journal.

Jack thanks for the answer. Maybe my question wasn’t clear enough. Obviously one can post debit and credit lines separately, but the issue I have is when one posts using a single line journal and wishes to allocate the balancing account for example, to a different dimnesion from the corresonding opposite entry on a single line entry journal.

If the debit and credit have different dimensions, then you have no choice but enter them on seperate lines. This is standard practice. Just make the balancing account the second line. If you don’t balance the first line, Navision will use the same journal number to ensure that the entries audit together. …Or are Jack and I missing a trick - do you have a specific example you are trying?

the only way to do this is to use the Allocation granule in Recurring Journals. Which is no help if this is not a recurring journal.