Using Dimension for User Access Setup

Hi everybody, Is there anyway I can define the Dimensions to which a User will have access. Eg: Say I define various Divisions of a Company as a Dimension Value. I know which users belong to which Division.So while booking expense, I do not want a User to select any Division other than the one he belongs to. That is while using General Jounal, Line Dimensions he can see only the Dimension Value OR Division which is assigned to him. Hoping to hear from you guys soon. Regards, Vinay Iyer Navision Consultant India

There’s no direct solution but with a little bit of customization in relevant areas(where required), it can be achieved. You would be required to define the dimension to user mapping(matrix).

Hi Vinay I would create a new field in the User Setup with a link to the dimensions. With this field I would try to set a ‘global filter’ for the user on dimensions. Only a example (without testing it): rec = Dimensions **Form Dimensions** OnOpenform UserSetup.Get(UserID); MyFilter:= UserSetup.Dimension; rec.setrange(Dimension,MyFilter); Hope this helps. bye André

There’s one way of doing it using Tools–>Security–>Roles–>Permissions–>Security Filter but there are complications using the same.

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There’s one way of doing it using Tools–>Security–>Roles–>Permissions–>Security Filter but there are complications using the same.

IMHO this works only with SQL[?] by André

Hi everybody. Thanks for your replies.Andre, I was thinking on same lines as you.I am a functional consultant thought i did try what u said.I do know about fields and tables and a little about what u suggested. My other colleague is suggesting a different idea.He is planning to add a User ID field in the Dimension Value table.And by using Dimension Combination, he will write a Business Rule for user IDs. Andre, your suggestion is what I was thinking about, but my colleague told me that this type of solution would be a bit hard coded and tomm if the user wants a similar limited access based on some new dimension, then it wont be possible. Everyone do reply about the feasibility of the solution and also whether there are any possible consequences of adding a Usr ID in Dimension Value table and blocking access through a Dimension Combination feature. Regards, Vinay

hi vinay yes vinay ur colleague idea ia also workable. either u can have multiple records in the Dimension Table suppose the user has rights to two or more Divisions or u can use comma supported IDs in the field or in Dimension table in the USer ID field u can add USer ID , if more users operate on a Division then u can have comma separated User Id in it or separate record for each user id to Dimension ID in a different table the fist solution is most used. if i am wrong then please do correct me… cuz u know i have not been trained on Attain nor worked on it. with best regards vaibhav pednekar