Using concurrent capacities in production (Business Central)

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I am trying to set up concurrent capacities in production however it seems to me that it does not actually affect scheduling. E.g. I have set the concurrent capacity to 2 (I have tried both on the machine center card and in the routing), and I would expect the production time to be 50% of the original time, but the calculated production time on the production order is still the same.

Any ideas what is missing to make this work?

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Concurrent Capacity does not shorten the duration of an Operation. It allows for more than one Operation to happen at the same time on a Work/Machine Center. If the Machine has a Concurrent Capacity of 2, then it can handle two Operations where the Concurrent Capacity on each Operation is equal to 1. If your Operation has a Concurrent Capacity of 2, it consumes both slots on the Machine (but does not reduce the time required for the Operation to complete).

There is a hidden field on the Routing line called “Lot Size”, this would allow you to define a multi-cavity mold for example. The system knows you are producing more than 1 at a time from the Operation, so the duration of the Operation is reduced.

Hope this helps shed some light on how the fields are used.

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Ben Baxter
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Thanks for your reply, Ben!

Actually I am using the lot size, and it works well. (Our client is a baking company and they make dough in batches of 600 kg; so I set the lot size to 600, this way the running time is meant for the whole batch, not for 1 kg.)
However the use of concurrent capacity is still not very clear to me. The help text says: “Specifies the number of machines or persons that are working concurrently.”
In the case of our client, there are 2 machines making dough that sometimes work paralelly (sometimes not). When they work paralelly, the time needed is less, of course. So, I thought using concurrent capacities for this, but maybe I am wrong.

I have checked these pages for some explanation about concurrent capacities, and I understood that it does reduce the production time.

(These are about NAV, but I suppose that BC works the same way.)

Thank you if you can give some further clarification.

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Sándor - you are correct that using concurrent capacities does not reduce the total production time and can in fact increase total production time.

Example: I have a production order that has 2hrs setup and 12 hours of run time on a CNC machine (but have 2 CNC machines) - using 1 concurrent capacity we would have a total of 14 hrs. over two days (open 8 hrs a day)

If we now change concurrent capacities to 2 we would have 2 setups for 4 hours plus the 12 hours for a total of 18 hours. However for scheduling we would be completing the prod order in 1 day with being open 8hrs a day. Setups will be planned for each concurrent capacity if you are using setup.

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John Grant
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