Using Category Hierarchy


I would like to use the built in category hierarchy to send reports of a selected category. For e.g. if the user selects the Action Sports Category, all items in Action Sports could be used for reports. or If procurement hierarchy 1 is selected, all items in it.

Is there any way I can use the built in hierarchy structures, queries and tables, and use them to get all the items ? Currently I am creating a new table with all items, with their respective category, and their category groups every time the user selects, (Created using Invent Table, EcoResProductCategory and EcoResCategoryHierarchy)

Surely, there should be a way to not create a new table, and use the already defined tables for categories (accessible via Released products by Categories in ProductInformationManagement->Common


not sure about your requirement, You can see the tables used in the existing forms which shows the products as per the selected category.

How does AX do this ? Can I just not reuse this ?

Hi, sorry to bother you again, but would really like some help on this

How does AX do this ? I would like to reuse these .