Using C/ODBC : Transactions

Hello, All! I use C/ODBC with ADO for accessing Navision Database and have found out strange error concerning transactions. Set ConnectionObj = CreateObject (“ADODB.Connection”) Any attempt to define transaction seems to be successfull (the method ConnectionObj.BeginTrans gives 1) but if I try to call ConnectionObj.CommitTrans (or ConnectionObj.RollbackTrans) later, the system shows error: ----------------------------------------------------- Error: No active transactions Source: Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers ----------------------------------------------------- What is the problem? Does C/ODBC support transactions at all? Thanks in advance.

I think there is no supported transaction in C/ODBC (i use 2.6, and it’s not supported)

Thats true - C/ODBC uses 1 transaction per statement - so transactions that span many statements or can be rolled back - is not supported.

These are very bad news. I wonder, why haven’t they it implemented? Anyway, thank you all!