Using C/FRONT in .NET

Hi, Is anyone here already calling the C/FRONT ocx from within VS.NET? I am having difficulties updating fields. The problem is caused by the use of a “Variant” data type in the ocx, which is not supported by .NET. It tries to cast to some other type internally, but fails. Has anyone encountered the same problem or does anyone have a solution to it? Regards, Peter Nagel

I don’t believe the ocx problem can be solved, and started writing a .NET (c#) class that imports c++ functions from the cfront.dll file. I will be posting a link soon. regards, Peter

I created a first version the .NET library for C/FRONT compatibility. It provides classes for easy use of the dll file. You can get it at For the library to operate, you need the c++ CFRONT.DLL file that comes with the Navision Financials C/FRONT package. The library was developed to work with Navision Financials version 2.01 and version 2.50, but may work with other versions as well. Use it at you own convenience and risk. Peter Nagel.