Using C# dll in Ax 2012.

Hi All,

Can any one of you please suggest me how to C# dll in Ax 2012. I need to use the class that is built in C#, in ax for validation purpose. Pls suggest me the solution. Thanks in advance.

If you have source code, you could add the Visual Studio project to AOT (right from Visual Studio) and set automatic deployment in project properties.

If you have already built DLL, add it to references in AOT and deploy it to client and/or server bin folder. Note that AX client it 32-bit process and AOS 64-bit, so your DLL must be built appropriately.


If you have dll of that .net code ,paste that dll file in program files → microsoft dynamics ax → server / client → bin.

Later Take the Reference of that file.and use that dll in your class.