Using backslash "\" in number sequence in AX 2012

Hi All,

In our system Number sequence has been setup with backslash “” . Some time this format is working fine and data is getting print in Report.

but some time it’s not taking data so have to make it double slash “\” in query then we are getting data in our form or report. Now as it’s applicable in all application so this kind of data will replicate this issue most of time in future also.

Here i want to know “Can we use backslash in number sequence? What are the other impact we could face in future for this and what we can do to resolve it.”

Also please provide any Microsoft document if possible related to Backslash in number sequence.

Back slash is an escape character. You have to either use @ before it or use double slash.
I have seen similar issue before - Including this in packing slip id and purchase invoice didn’t posted. The select statement will not work.

Yes Kranthi,

I did the same and achieve the same by Double slash “\” .

But my main concern is that "Is it good to take back slash in number sequence? Does Microsoft allow to take backslash as per best practice or standard ". Coz I faced the same issue in standard report also where is replace string “” with “\” But in whole application there could be many similar issue.

The standard recommendation is not to use special characters in fields like this. If you put a * in the intem number searching for it starts to bring issues, as it potentially does to code processes.

Especially the data search operation will not work without a work around (using @ or \). You can decide on that whether to have \ or not.

what if we are using it? It will affect standard also so how we will rectify that ?

Better not to include it.