Using an XMLPort to import GL Lines with more than 2 dimensions.

Hey guys!

I’m having a bit of a problem with designing an XMLPort to import G/L data into Table 81 (Gen. Journal Line) that, despite all my searching, I can’t find an answer to. I’ll try my best to fully outline the situation.

I have GL data in a .csv file. There are about a dozen fields in my data file, four of which are dimensions (the two global dimensions and shortcut dimensions 3 and 4). My problem is that I have absolutely no idea how to design the XMLPort to correctly create entries in the Journal Line Dimension (356) Table for each of these extra dimensions in my source data as the connections between these tables isn’t exactly clear.

Would it be best just to import all of the data to text variables and write code to assign it to the relevant tables manually? If that’s a possibility how would I go about converting my text variables to an option data type? For example, how can I save the “Account Type” field in my source data as a text variable and then apply it to the “Account Type” field in Table 81 that has an option data type?



Nobody? This is a pretty fundamental function and it shouldn’t be that hard to get to work. I have a dataport to do the same thing and it works just fine, I just can’t manage to put together the XMLport equivalent.

Bumping this question. Haven’t found an answer anywhere and it seems like a problem that requires a solution. Anybody know?

Hi Taylor,

Use can import data with help of Data port. It is quit simple and easy. For dimension 3 and dimension 4, you have to write code to insert data into “Journal Line Dimension” table.