Using Advance Letter - wrong posted amounts


I make a sales order, and set a prepayment % on it. Then I create an advance letter, and release it. Now in Sales Advance Letter Subform I have e.g. 50000 in Amount Including VAT and in Amount To Link fields.
After this I post this amount in Cash Receipt Journal. I have the following setting in the journal line:
Prepayment - TRUE, Prepayment Type - Advance, Credit Amount - 50000, Bal. Account Type - Bank Account.
Then I push Link Advance Letter button, and after choosing the right line, I choose Related Information/Link/Set Link-to ID and Set Link.

After doing this I post the line in Cash Receipt Journal. Then in Sales Advance Letter form I post Advance Invoice.
My problem is that I choose the invoice form posted Prepayment Invoices, and I have only the VAT amount on the invoice.

I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong in the process. Or maybe is it something wrong with setup?

Have you got idea what the problem can be?

Thanks, Frida

Looks like this can be answered only by your fellow Hungarians - there is no such thing as Sales Advance Letter in standart or localisations I’ve happened to see…

Or something is lost in translation in your question?

This is surely a localisation but I would have thought it existed in other countries too.

Anyways I checked the PS and no refernce of these on knowledge base.

Besides none of our clients reported similar issue.

Éva is this sth you can reproduce?


Hello Gábor,

Yes, I can reproduce it. When I make a sales order with Sales Advance Letter, on Prepayment Invoice I always have only the VAT amount.

What is strange, that at the end of the process I make the final bill, and on this there is the line of prepayment amount with negativ sign and with the correct amounts, not only the VAT amount.

Hi Frida,

I’m from ,we experienced same issue. The trick is that You try to use older version of the invoice report. If You put a small amount of code from Cronus6 invoice report into your code it will do the trick:

Look for this in the standard NAV6 invoice report:

IF “Sales Invoice Header”.“Prepayment Invoice” THEN

AdvPaymentDocNoText := Text007


AdvPaymentDocNoText := ‘’;

IF “Sales Invoice Header”.“Prepayment Invoice” AND

(“Sales Invoice Header”.“Prepayment Type” = “Sales Invoice Header”.“Prepayment Type”::Advance)


Amount := “VAT Base Amount”;

“Line Amount” := “VAT Base Amount”;

“Amount Including VAT” := “Amount Including VAT” + “VAT Base Amount”;