Using Accounting Periods in Account Schedules

We have a user of Navision 4.0 with accounting periods that do no correspond with calendar periods (e.g. December runs from November 28, 2004 through January 1, 2005), which is a different absolute period from December of the previous year. When running Account Schedules, we have a need to filter by accounting period rather than date range, and are not totally certain as to how to pull this off:

What should we use as the date filter to properly produce comparative statements?-

Can we somehow introduce the period number/range into the filter?-

Should we be incorporating the Comparison Period Formula field into the Column Layout used in the Account Schedule? Any help is greatly appreciated! Thanks

When you run the account schedule and view it in overview, you can select the accounting period icon on the bottom of the form (this is a trendscape form). Hope this helps

Hi there. Change the accounting period dates from calendar months to your company’s dates. Then you can use date range filters p1, p2 etc. Hope this helps John

Peter, This will work well for our situation! John, We do have the period table setup to match the accounting periods, based on the starting dates of each period, and still had no luck with the p1, p2,etc. Am I missing something? Thanks to both of you for the help. Fred

Just check in calandar setup, default should be acc period, and there should be no tick in use system for month. The Px works for us (as does weekxx as we run to a Sun-Sat week)