Using Account Schedule to create Profit / Loss report

Dear all,

My company is using NAV 4.0.

Now, I meet a problem with Profit / Loss report by Project created by Account Schedule.

There has some Projects haven’t had value yet (non-value projects) are showed in the report → I don’t want it happened.

I want only Projects with value are showed in the report. And I’ve thought that this is a standard function of NAV. May be we can use filter to show only projects that have value.

But our vendor (implemented NAV system for us) said that, this is not a standard function and must be customized.

Could you please help me to clarify this problem? Is this a standard function or must be customized? if this is a standard function, please giude me to do this.

Thank you very much

Hello and welcome to forum!

Account schedules (actually, Matrix form) will always show full “matrix” of defined rows and columns, here your implementing Partner is absolutely right.

You can’t filter by data, what is displayed, so there is no way to filter out rows with zero values. Matrix form is so complicated, that even a customization would’t help.