Using a repeater and a subform on one single page

Hi everyone,

I have a problem in designing a page in NAV 2015.
I need to create a custom page composed of two parts:
First part is a list of records, the user should have the possibility to modify some values.
Second part is like a “subform” where the user can add new lines.
So, the two parts should be editable, not just for information display.
Besides, the second part is linked to the first part (Field X in part 1 should be equal to field Y in part 2).
What page type should I choose? and how shall I proceed to link the two parts?
I tried many combinations but still can’t get it done the way the customer wants it…

Thanks in advance :mrgreen:

Hi Poppins,

The only way to do this in NAV 2009 RTC and up is like it’s done for sales orders, sales invoices. So I suggest that you start by studying this. But I can tell you that you use a Card page and then ListPart for lines (or CardPart for card). And it’s just referred to as subpages, like it was called subforms in the old. The subpage/listpart must of cause be setup to allow for multi lines entry. But check how it’s done with the sales orders.