using a percentage to calculate landed costs for an item

using a percentage to calculate landed costs for an item

Client buys items for resale that are customized to the client 95%+ of the time, so Special Orders primarily.

Sales prices: Sales staff calculates vendor item price using pricelist and associated formulas.

Purchasing: Ops manager has created a schedule where each vendor has a landed cost percentage/factor that is applied to unit cos so Total unit cost

is equal to Unit cost x 1.x (unit cost of $1000; factor/% of 9% = $1090 total unit cost). They order multiple items from the same vendors and would like to

have these factors/% automatically applied when a new item is created during the Sales/Special Order process.

Welcome any thoughts offered on options


This can be accomplished two ways:

  1. On the Item Card, Costs & Posting Fast Tab, you can enter an Indirect % that will apply on EVERY posting. So if I am always purchasing this Item from any Vendor, upon post, the Direct Cost plus Indirect % will be posted to the Value Entries table and Unit Cost for that received Item layer.


  1. If the Purchasing Manager wants to apply the Actual Landed Cost Invoices to the Received Items, you can enter a Purchase Invoice and use Type = Charge(Item) and assign the Landed Cost to posted Receipts and it will add this entry to the Value Entries and Unit Cost for the received item.

Hope this helps.