Using 3.70 Server.exe on 3.10 data

Hi guys and girls, I’ll try to keep this We’re a 3.10 site with 70 users currently running C-SIDE at 61GB out of 65B license. We have a 128GB license however have been told that it only works with the 3.70 server.exe. Have been “assured” by our NSC that it’s safe to start running the 3.70 exe over the 3.10 data but that there’s no going back once it’s been done We can of course revert to backups if it fails but we don’t want to get 2 or 3 days into it only to find there’s a glitch. Heaven forbid Navision having unforeseen glitches [:(!] Has anyone had experience with doing this ? Good or bad ? Alex

I have some experiences with it and I also heard a lot of others with these kind of experiences. All of them are positive. Of course best use the 3.70B exe. No need to take 370 without service packs. No need to take a backup, just stop the service and copy the files to another place. In case you want to revert back, just copy the copied files back. It is a lot faster than restoring a DB.

I have never heard that a newer license does not run with an older Database. I.e. I would give the new license a try. Anyway you should create a copy of the datbase first.

I would suggest rather that you move to 4.00 SP1. If you are upto date on maintinence, then just get your NSC to send you a new license. Being on the latest executables makes it a lot easier if you have a roblem, and there are some nice new things in the newer versions that make it worth while. In anycase, moving to 3.10 to 3.70B is fine, just remember to make sure your hardware is upto date. I think its W2K min. definitely win 98 will not work.

Just a small side remark, we have several 3.70B clients running on Win98 machines, works ok, but of course at least Win2K is recommendable. Anyway, as David suggests, if you upgrade technically, then rather switch at once to the latest version… Saludos Nils

Thanks for all the feedback guys…am going to try running the 3.70B server exe across the data. Not upgrading to version 4.0 at the moment because we are running a heavily modified 3.10 version and I’m currently evaluating a move to either SAP or Intentia. And I used to think Navision was horrendously expensive sobbing [:(] We had nightmares upgrading from 2.60 to 3.10 years ago with an inexperienced NSC that we’re still dealing with (inventory costing issues, etc) so I’m loath to make another big jump. A Dane, a Dane, my kingdom for a good Danish programmer [:P] Alex

Alex, I am suggesting that you keep 3.10 objects, and just go to 4.00 SP1 or 2 executables. this will be better than 3.70. Well actually 3.70B is a very stable and solid product, but support wise, you are better off on 4.00. As to 3.70B an dwin 98. It is highly problematic.Company notes are very iffy, and generally have to be turned off on 98, on line help is a problem also. I am justno thappy to let a client use 3.70 and 9 8in a live environment.

Don’t forget you will need to upgrade all client executables from the same product CD. That’s the important bit, ‘from the same product cd’ :). I concur with all my forum mates, a technical upgrade (executables only) is a very safe thing to do. It’s a little more elaborate on SQL Server, but you should be fine. By the way, I’m not trying to divide, but you should have a good experience with your solution center. If you don’t trust the one you are dealing with now maybe you should consider a switch. New blood sometimes does wonders, and you might actually be helped with a full upgrade and some customization/optimization, but by someone else.

Thanks for all the advice guys. We’re going to try going to the Version 4.00 SP2 executable in the short term. We’re currently talking to a new NSC who does appear to have half a clue crosses fingers so we’ll see how we go for the full upgrade. Alex

Definitiely recommend moving to 4.00 SP2. A number of infuriating GUI problems are resolved by the release. We are also planning on an executables upgrade this quarter. Please keep us infomed of progress