Users disappearing from SQL

Have any of you experienced that your users sometimes are disappearing from the SQL Server?

The last months we have experienced that sometimes some of our users are disappearing from the SQL Server with no trace. When inserted into NAV again, then the roles they had previously are automatically back again. So they are not deleted from NAV as their roles then also would have been gone.

The only common thing we can see (which is not 100% confirmed to be the case in all examples) is that the users have gotten their password reset in the AD.

We are running a clustered SQL Server 2005 environment.

In our current customer base we never had such strange error. Do you have something of external tool to insert and delete logins in sql server? Like some kind of helpdesk tool.

No external tools. Passwords are reset directly in the Domain Management appl.

The only thing I also can see as a connection is that the domain name the users are a part of which are giving this error was rename last year. It used to be REGION and now it’s REGIONAL. When this was renamed then looking up the users in NAV they were listed ok (eg. REGIONAL\epernst), but in the SQL Server user list they were still listed as REGION\epernst. I as told that this was due to an error in SQL Server, but it was only the way SQL was displaying the users. And even though it looked different in SQL vs. NAV, then it worked fine. Until the users passwords has been reset.

somebody probably ran security sync and wasn’t part of a dbowner and security admin role. This will cause it to delete the user since the user can’t see if they real users. In the latest exe it checks that you have right permission before running sync.

You are right in your comments. It’s done a delete user during synchronization. A possible case to look at.

I didn’t even possible to run the security sync without these two roles. But none of our users (except the core team who are a member of those groups) have access to the “Synchronize” tools.

Exactly what has been changed in the latest version in this regards? We are running the latest version of NAV 4.0 SP3.