User who has created the Tradeagreements

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I have a question on " Trade agreements ".

Can we get the details of the user who has created the trade agreements?

And also if anyone modifies the trade agreements (Any trade agreements), then can we know who has modified the trade agreements?

I am using AX 2009 for the creation of trade agreements.

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you need to enable the createdBy, modifiedBy properties for \Data Dictionary\Tables\PriceDiscTable

Or turn on the database change log.

Kranthi Hi!!

Thank u for your quick reply.

Hi Adam Thank u for reply.

Table property will work.

If I modify the price at 07.20 and you modify the from date at 07.22 you are the last modified user :slight_smile: Sometimes it is important to know the change made as well as the person. Arguably slightly different with Trade Agreements as they are journal based, but the concept is still the same.


How the modified date and time gets inserted on the table fields?

Can we assign another user name to the field modified by, who modifies the created record?

As presently the createdBy and ModifiedBy fields are same.

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So Adam, how to change the modified by field based on the modification.

I tried to write on the modified method of Table, but modifiedBy field is not accepting any assignments.

I have given as this.modifiedBy = curuserid(); But it is showing error as

The field must be a data element that allows assignment.

Will be thankful for ur reply.,

Hi !!

When any field is changed, the modifiedby is changing automatically.

I checked just now.

Thank u/

And that is why you would activate the database log that gives you the value of the record before, after, user, time etc. But you said modified by was enough [;)]