User Time Register work at V4.0?

Dear All, Is it User Time Register work properly at Navision Version 4.0. I have test this function at both SQL database and Native database, but each time I close the Client, system prompt me an error: “The date is not valid”. I can found the any record at Time Register. Any one face the same problem and solved this problem?

Yes it is a known error with several threads about it on this forum, from memory the advice is wait for the first patch for version 4, but search the forum for more information, or just look here:

NA 4.00 SP1BETA was recently made available to North American partners. One of the issues fixed in this BETA release is the User Time Register functionality that does not work in the current 4.00 version. This particular issue has been fixed with the new executables that will be released as part of SP1. Having done some testing with the BETA release I determined the following: To open a current official release 4.00 database with the SP1BETA executables you must first accept the database conversion message that appears. Once you accept the message and the convert process is run you can no longer open the database with current official release 4.00 executables. Also once you convert the official current release 4.00 database the User Time Register functionality works in this database where it doesn’t work with the current official release 4.00 executables. You can not open a SP1BETA 4.00 database with the current official release 4.00 executables. I don’t know any more than anyone else but my guess is what is currently being called 4.00SP1 BETA might actually become 4.01 when officially released. I base that guess on Navision previous versions history. As far as a release date for whatever the new version ends up being that is anywhere from mid-August to the end of October depending on who you’re currently asking!! Until then if you use the User Time Register functionality and you are running 4.00 you’ll have to do without. DH