User Restriction

Dear all,

I have a special requirement. It has been noticed some times that most of the clients try to use Developer License (collected from anywhere) for their data manipulation purpose (or RND).

This is very harmful for both.

Is it possible to restrict the END users from importing/Changing/Uploading any other License except their License only?

Waiting for reply [:(]

Note: Kine says

Usually (standard) users not belonging to role SUPER are not allowed to change license at all. If all users are belongs to role SUPER, you have to redefine and set up your users in a proper way.

Beware that the standard roles in NAV 5 are not perfect - you have to do some modification yourself as there are some [obviuos] rights missing.

Btw - using a developers license without being a certified MS Partner is illegal!

Kine and Anfinnur sum it up pretty well.

The customer is undertaking illegal use of a license they do not own and in doing so open tables and options not available in the purchased license and all warranties cannot be upheld. Threaten to get Microsoft involved unless they stop, then get Microsoft involved.

Subrata, how many different ways do you want to hear “NO”.