User Portal - Question

To all, I setup User Portal to prepare for a customer presentation but I experienced some problems. Server Side : Windows 2000 Server SP3 IE 6.0 Navision Database Server 3.6 Navision Client 3.6 SG Build 11353 User Portal - Installation : OK - Setup : OK Client Side: Windows XP SP1 IE 6.0 Navision Client 3.6 SG Build 11353 Problem : I have no problem accessing User Portal, the main page will show up including all enabled WebParts. However when I try for example create a New Sales Order, after I assigned a No. then the Customer No. and everything else, I click create but I cannot proceed to the part where I supposed to enter the Item lines. I tried to check the Order List but my Order is not stored there. And also the database itself is not updated. Did I miss anything during setup and installation? Thank you very much in advance.

Hi … Did you change any default values during the installation, e.g. the name of the folder usually called Factory? br, Guðlaugur Ingi

Hello, Since this is my first time to setup User Portal, I just accept default values during all installations. Marlon

Hi … It might be an issue with IE6.0 on the server, it did cause problems in the past. One of those un-documented features. Try uninstalling that, although I think the error related to IE6.0 on the server showed in a different way. What version of IIS is installed? br, Guðlaugur Ingi

I’d definitely look at the issue with IE 6.0. To my knowledge, UP doesn’t suppot ID 6.0…at least that’s what I’ve heard from our support team.

Yeah, from what I know, it doesn’t run on IE6.0…try IE5.5, SP2.