User Portal problem

Hello. I installed sp4 Windows 2000 on User Portal Server. After installation, User Portal doesn’t work correctly. Can anyone help me?

What’s not working? Does SP4 install IE6? IE6 on the IIS server will make usnig User Portals very difficult if not impossible. Django

I installed ie6 sp1 on User Portal Server. Every new user connecting for the first time to User Portal see only the welcome page. Do you know a method to solve this problem?

The solution is to un-install IE6 [:(] - IE 5.5 SP3 is the latest version you can have installed on your UPAS machine. IE6 makes changes to how the security model works and that model isn’t compatible with how User Portals were implemented. Regards, Django

I use user portal 3.10. If i install user portal 3.70 with ie6, do i solve my problem or not?

User Portal 3.7 doesn’t change much - mostly access to new web parts and the ability to use database login security instead of just windows security. You pretty much have to un-install IE6 and go with IE5 or IE5.5 There are other ways of accessing Navision via the web. The replacement for User Portals aren’t due out until April 2005 - it was supposed to be this year. [V] You might look at for their Transaction Manager program. You lose some of the framework that User Portals set up for you but you also lose most of the limitations of User Portals too.