User permissions


I am pretty new to NAV so bare with me please.

We are having some difficulties with user permissions. For example, we recently set up some EDI trading partners and we wanted a user to be able to process the EDI files. We have to sit with the user and add permissions as the permission errors pop up. Is there a better way to determine what permissions someone needs for performing a task other than the method we are using?

Our NAV vendor recommended OM Lite for permissions but apparently it is discontinued now.

Any advise will be much appreciated.

Thank you.

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There is not other way to set permission without looking at process the user follows

You can activate client monitor to find out which tables are used for process/function and set permission according to that.

Thanks for the help Amol. I will look into the client monitor.

Hey Aron,

Please see if the below links could help you.

These are few tools by our experts… please let me know if they could be of help for you.