user Permissions and human resource roles

hi all

i want to DEFINITION user Permissions in dynamics ax

in dynamic ax we can define group for users but when a person enter to company Once i create user in human resource and set position and job for it and once i create user in Administration> user groups and set Permissions

it is seem Re-do Stages and very time consuming and it is a Fault for dynamics ax

please help me to do it in better Method


u can do in this way

Administration>users form>

click on import button>

next>select your domain name and give the user name or>

click on next and select the required user or users >

click on next> and assign the required groups

and in profile tab> click on company specific profile and according to the company give the profile id or select No profile for companies, check according to ur requirment.

click finish.

hi kumar

thanks for your guidance but i want to find a way to copy all information in human resource to basic / administration

for example i have SOME Employee in my human resource Module as Executive Director, manager,Production Manager and …

once i should enter information in human resource and once all user Permissions and group Permissions in Administration module

this is Re doing and Repeat task and a Shortage for microsoft dynamics and have Antagonism with Integrated Systems (ERP)