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I’m having 6 companies in my ax2009…now i want to give one user, permission that he can only have full control to only one company only and other companies should be no access…please help

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Have a look at Domains functionality (Under admin > Setup).


Can u explain more about domains,i referred but i didn’t get the solution…

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Hello Hari,

A domain in the Microsoft Dynamics AX system is a group of company accounts. Domains enable setting up specific user permission for a group of company accounts. Just as user groups define sets of users, domains define sets of company accounts that are logically connected. You can set security permissions based on the combination of user groups and domains.

By using domains, you could allow a conglomerate company that has several subsidiary businesses to share a single Microsoft Dynamics AX system. Each subsidiary can be represented by a domain, which in turn can limit access based on user group.

One domain, Admin, exists in the Microsoft Dynamics AX system by default. The Admin domain always includes all companies. You cannot remove the domain or delete any companies from this domain. Use the Admin domain for any user groups that need access to all companies.

Grant user groups access to a domain:

By default, user groups do not have access to a new domain. You must grant access by using the following procedure:

Important: Before completing the following steps, determine which user groups require access to the new domain. Also, determine the necessary permissions for each user group. If you are uncertain about whether to grant access to a user group, deny access until you receive a request from a manager.

  1. From a Microsoft Dynamics AX client, click Administration > Setup > Security > User group permissions.

  2. On the Overview tab, select a user group.

  3. Select a domain.

  4. Click the Permissions tab.

  5. Set the desired permissions.

  6. Press Ctrl+S to save changes.

hi shankar,

i did it in the same way only, but initially whn i am trying to select a company it is showing all companies. if i am selecting the company which is assigned to the new domain its fine. but if i am trying to select any other company, company accounts tool bar is not showing and to enable it we have to close and open the client again.

is there any other work around to restrict the other companies to show only selected companies.

What is Assign Organization in user form?

In AX 2012:
System Administration > Set up > Security > Assign users to role

Select role > user assign to role > Manually assign/exclude user > select user > Assign organization.

This is just a work arround.