User permission for running reports

Can someone please explain how (in NAV 4.0) to limit the permission to run a specific report to only some users, and not to all?

Thanks in advance.


If you are differentiating users with menu’s then you can add the report to partcular menu…

If you look in security Roles ALL you will see permission to Report 0. IN Navision speak “0” means all reports. So if you want to give permission to users only to specific report, then you need to remove the REPORT::0 from the ALL group, and then create for each user or group the specifically required reports.

DO NOT use Menus as a substitute for Security, Menus are there to make it easy for users to find things, they are NOT there to prevent people form accessing things.

Thanks David, but by removing Report::0 wil all other reports still be accessible to all users?


No .Once you removed Report::0 all reports r not accessible to users.