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Hi All, is it possible that one user can send a message to a certain user or a group of users, so that a form opens at these users with this message? I want it, if possible, completely in Navision (3.70). And without using the timer-Trigger [:D] I think, that there is a tool or has been discused before long ago, but i cannot find it.[:(] Can someone help me please? Thanks in advance. Greetings, Frank

Hi, Maybe you saw this one by Esteban Gandia: But it works with the OnTimer trigger… [:(] From the description:


A system to send messages to other Navision Financials/Attain users. When you send a message, this is stored in a temporary storage, which is constantly queried by an on-timer trigger in the main menu. This version has this additions: - You can lookup past sent messages. - Zoom function. - Choose an user from the user table, and the possibility to send a message to ALL. - You can’t see all messages from other users

Thanks Nelson, thats what i mean. But unfortunatly it is using the OnTimer-Trigger [:(][xx(][V] Perhaps someone else knows a better solution??? Greetings, Frank

Hi For a single user: Net Send [:D]. Don’t know if it works from within Navision. Advantage: The user can’t say he hasn’t seen the message! bye André

Frank, You could probably take the OnTimer system and convert it to something using a SingleInstance codeunit and the Timer object. Or take André’s approach. [:D] Make a Form from where you can call NET SEND in a SHELL command.

Try finding the solution under for the freeware add-on called CHAT. Here is the information from the author. Good luck. ----------------------------- A Real navision ICQ Beta 1.1 All is very easy, You insert a Record in a table and this table was scanned by every user. If the user find a message with his USERID he get a popup. ESTEBAN GANDIA ( -----------------------------

Thanks to all replies! Nelson, Andre…i will have a look at it [:)] Esat…this chat works with the onTimmer-Trigger, too. Thats not, what i want. Regards, Frank

Frank, Why must you not use the timer trigger ?? Dean.

With automation you could create a broadcast program. - Let all clients register to a server. - When a client sends a message let him send it to the server. - Let the server broadcast all send message to the registered clients. It is tricky but sure possible and not a big deal for people that know VB. And you get rid of the timer trigger as you can create custom triggers with automation. Good luck [:D]

Hi Dean, i am not a big fan of the OnTimer-Trigger, because it will use power of the computer regardless if there are things to do. Hi Jan, good idea. Mh, i have to think about it. Thanks to all! Frank

You could add some code into a codeunit that is used often - such as 11, 12, 80 or 90 - to act as your trigger. Perhaps the main menu could be a trigger as well. Django

Franck : You may want to check out my Navision Instant Messenger [F]reeware : Available here : It uses NET SEND

Thanks to all answers, i have to talk to our customer and will see, what solution he prefers. Regards, Frank

Hi Tarek, i try to download your solution, but the download does not work? is there still a problem with the download? Haven’t tried it for a log time [:D] Or can you mail me the Objects to, please? One question…does it work with 3.60, too? Greetings, Frank

Tarek, I too would be interested in this download. Could you send me a copy to the following email address

Franck, Conull : The FOB has just been sent to you. Enjoy [;)] Tarek

Hi, My customer is too looking out for messeger without using the Ontimer trigger… same old reason overloading the system[}:)] … Can u please send me the fobs too… Thanks in advance… cheers, Hem