User Menu Level table - how to copy BLOB field


we recently changed user name of some users in our domain. NAV 2009 SP1 security handled this ok despite the user names shown in Windows security are shown as they were before the change. But everything works and user is authenticated despite this little cosmetic diference. Synchronising the security makes no difference.

The problem I have is with user’s shortcuts. It apears that some users are recognized as new upon login and new record is created for them in the User Menu Level table. When this happens, user looses his/her shortcuts as they stay in the record referring to old user name.

I would like to copy the BLOB field of the old user name record to a new one to restore the shortcuts. This has been once adressed here…/34788.aspx but the link to report no longer works.

I also find this article…/ that suggest that copy&paste can be used within one database but it appears that I’m only able to copy the asterisk sign [:(]

I’m fine with report designing, never created / modified any codeunits. I’m searching for a simple solution (manually saving the blob to bin file and importing to desired record) to do this on several users that suffer this problem.

What would be an easy way to do this? Is there any??

Thank in advance for your ideas!!

this can give you some idea

That is quite some code for me I’m afraid Mohana…difficult to apply to my situation

The part “If we have 5-10 users then we can do it manually…” is what I’m looking for. I would like to manually copy the the BLOB field object from the old user account to the new one. It is less than 10 users affected and one time job.