User manuals.

Hi experts,

Could any expert throw some information about the User manuals.
That means after complete the project we need to give the User manauls to client about the purchase process…

even i gone through the partners source, i c ould not get.

so please share the format what u already using.

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User manuals are in the instalation CD (DVD), which usually is given to client, too. In fact, there is no practical use of this CD to client, exept Manuals, but client usually is happy to get something material for the big bucks he has paid - not only something intangible as installed software [:D]

Normally, it is not enough to give manuals - implementation process should include courses for users, which may be held by implementing partner or outsourced to Learning Centres. This will give them overall knowledge how things are done in NAV.

Finally, for all modifications/additions, business processes etc YOU as the implementator are solely responsive for writing instructions/manuals and teaching your client.

Correct. What is more important than actual user manuals are the training materials. If you are a Dynamics Training partner, then you have access to a lot of nice training materials from Microsoft, that you can use. And as an end-user with a maintenance subscription you can get acess to CustomerSource and the Dynamics eTraining.

Often it’s the contract you have with your customer that say if you have to create user manuals or not. I’m sad to say, but more than half of the user documentation/manuals I have gotten from partners (I have worked for large end users the last 5 years) have really not been worth anything. Either have they been not covering enough, or they have been too technical for the user to be able to use them for anything. And most often they have just covered the areas where the partner has done his modifications. But they are leaving out what is even more important, what processes was the system actually supposed to cover. So we just get a number for modifications and a description of them, but not really the context to why they where done, and how they are fitting into the rest of the system.

Thanks Mr. Erik,

Erik Wrote

but more than half of the user documentation/manuals I have gotten from partners (I have worked for large end users the last 5 years)

I have the partner source access , but we cannot give directly that training materials to that client.

so we added some functionality based on their requirement.

So my questions is can hve the format to prepare that usermanuals.

just throw one format , according to that i will follow and i can make changes what i need.

u had implemented lot projects , so u aware of that user manuals format and how to crate.

so please upload that format for me.


Customers can purchase access to customer source, where they can download all the training material they want.

As far as user manuals, it appears that you are not willing to accept what everyone is telling you, that these user manuals do not exist. What is out there is written by partners for their customers, and as such they are always targeted toward their customizations. Every partner uses their own format. One will use a Word document, another prints them as pdf’s, another will create a knowledge base in sharepoint, yet another will create actual help files. The point is that customers pay partners to write the manuals, they don’t do it for free. As such, I doubt that you will find many people who are willing to just give you material, that will likely not even be what YOUR customer can use.

The standard NAV ‘user manual’ is F1 help. If you want to provide anything else to your customer, you will have to create it yourself. Be creative, use a Word template and start writing. Include screenshots, users like that.


You said you have access to PartnerSource - do some search there, and you will find Word & PowerPoint templates together with “MS_Dynamics_Training_Materials_Customization_Guide”.

Its restricted to partner use only, so I cant post the files here on in Downloads section, though I have them.