User is not getting submit button after creating sales order (workflow) in 2009

Dear team,

Can somebody explain me why the user is not getting submit button or action button for any thing like approve the workflow or reject or cancel.

I set the user as approver, suppose if I submit the SO & he should get the notification and for him action button should be visible.

But unfortunately user is not getting anything. Please tell me in user permission where I need to give access.

I tried my best by checking in AR access level i could not find anything.

This is in AX 2009.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Can you verify that the task was really assigned to user? Maybe that’s the problem. Also check the workflow history for any errors.

It is assigned two users out of the any one can approve. As u suggested I checked in workflow history and there are no errors. If I assign this person in admin group then he will get the submit button as he will be having all the access. But I dont want to do that I want to give correct access to him. Pls advice me where I can give access for him.

Please consult this thread: workflow permissions.

Ok now it is working fine but got error saying “Stopped (error): Target date not found in work calendar”

Pls advice

Then this thread can be marked as answered. Your latest question doesn’t belong under “User is not getting submit button”, so please create a new thread for it.

Thanks for the help…second thread I was able to resolve myself… Thanks for all ur help…