User created Views on role center disappear - NAV 2016 (CU9)

Hi Folks -

I created a page and added the page on 5 role centers, the new page was something on lines of Connect Online, customer wanted to show URL links hence a simple page was created. When users opened their role centers all the user created view on the Navigation pane and their custom ribbon groups are missing. Has anyone experienced this issue in NAV 2016 (CU9), if anyone has come across this can you please share if their any solution for this issue.

Appreciate any input.



check languages in captions on page design make sure that their profiles have access to those languages if not then add multi language support

Yes, I’ve experienced something similar. Make sure the language settings match. There used to lot’s of issues with multi-language, especially with the menu-suite and action ribbons. Captions for all language must be present.

Thank you Erik and Imran for you help.