User Control of Enterprise Portal not able to debug from Visual studio

I’m From share point background , but one issue stuck me

I want to debug user control code for Enterprise Portal from the visual studio

I have tried in AX2012 R3 CU8 standard virtual machine which database within server

Here the Step I already followed:

1: visual studio>View>application explorer

2: USRModel > web > web files> web control > EPSalesCreditNode Open it

3:Add two proxy project [I]EPApplicationProxies [II] TSTimesheetProxies

4: Rebuild Solution(Rebuild successfully 3 solutin)

5: find EPSalesCreditNote.ascx and Right Click and View Code

6: Go to Debug>attach process> Managed (v3.5, v3.0, v2.0) code, Managed Compatibility Mode >All w3wp process attach

7: In code file on Page_load Event Add break Point, break point enable means attach successfully

8: open Enterprise portal site from the browser (IE) Go to >sales>sales order > sell > credit note

9:but Control can’t reach to debug point Why?

Have you deployed your new code? Is debugging enabled on SP? Are you running VS as administrator? Have you unticked “Enable Just My Code” in VS debugger settings?

What do you see in Visual Studio? Is the breakpoint displayed as an empty circle with a tooltip saying that the code wasn’t loaded?

No I debug on Ready code(Standard Environment)

Yes Debugging enable from web.config

yes, VS running with admin

no, break point indicated full dark circle, means attached successfully

and how I “Enable Just My Code”?

I have no idea what “ready code” means, but if the breakpoint is successfully loaded, it probably doesn’t matter.

Regarding debugger settings, you’ll find them in Options.

Yes, “Enable just my code” ticked and Debug point enabled in “EPSalesCreditNote.ascx.cs” in Page_Load method,but not worked [:(]

It should be unticked.

Ok ,My mistake I unticked and try but not helped for me