User Access - Roles/Permissions

I’m new to Navision and am looking into different ways to restrict user access. So far, I cannot find out how to give the user access to just one menu group such as Purchasing and Payables. Each time I assign just that menu, Navision tells me I don’t have access to GL and it goes on down the list until I add them all. Any suggestions?

Well - As the main menu has all menus included (however hidden untill selected) users MUST have rights to the menu. That, however, does not mean that they have to have access to the forms and tables. One solution could be creating a group called common, wich have persission to the menu forms only, and attach that to all users. //Henrik Helgesen -: KISS::Keep it Simple, Stupid :-

Hi Tyson! You also could assign one menu-form as a start-up form (T91, standard form-id is 0) to each user; or maybe you could create such menu-forms that contain only the permittet items … Regards, Jörg Joerg A. Stryk Apollo-Optik, IT/ERP

Dear Tyson, Navision Attain has not build-in the main menu customization functionality. Therefore, you can not manage the main menu access permissions without programming. You can use the following idea: 1. Define the table

OBJECT Table 90001 Main Menu Permission
    { 1   ;   ;Menu Item No.       ;Integer        }
    { 2   ;   ;Menu Item Name      ;Text30         }
    {    ;Menu Item No.                            }
  1. Fill up the table with values as shown:
----	------------
Menu	Menu
Item	Item
No.	Name
----	------------
1	GeneralMenu
2	SalesMenu
3	PurchMenu
4	InventoryMenu
5	ResourceMenu
6	JobMenu
7	HumanMenu
8	RMMenu
9	FAMenu
10	MfgMenu
11	CapReqPlanMenu
12	Servicemanagement
13	WarehouseMenu
  1. Modify the form #330 Main Menu code as follows: Define local variable:
rPermission Record(Main Menu Permission) 

Add the statement

IF NOT rPermission.GET(MenuType) THEN EXIT; 

before the 1st line of SetSubMenu function definition. 4. And finally, setup as many role permissions as you need, and assign it to user accounts(logins).

 Object Type: Table Data
Object ID: 90001
Object Name: Main Menu Permission
Read Permission: Yes
Insert Permission: Yes
Modify Permission: Yes
Delete Permission: Yes
Execute Permission: Yes
Security Filter: Main Menu Permission: Menu Item No.=1..5|9 

Output: In case of “unauthorized” main menu item selection, user will see the Navision Attain logo screen instead of available module choices. Note: Security filter works on NA SQL option only. Good luck. Regards, Yuri Pokusaev IBS, Senior Consultant NCPS, NCSD +7(095)967-8080 Edited by - ypokusaev on 2001 Nov 20 20:45:47