User access rights

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I am currently doing a review of user access rights on Nav 2009. Can i get a single report that shows all users and their access rights down to the permissions level?

I have looked at access to roles from the Tools>>Security>>Roles and Windows login view to select users with access to certain rows eg SUPER. Is is possible that the listed users on this role are not super users? if yes how do i get the super users on Nav? Also is it possible for 2 users to have access to a particular role with different permission?


Hi Lalaska,

There is not such standard report available. You would have to develop it your self (or ask your partner to do this).

A permission role is list of specific permissions to tables and functions in NAV. This way everybody who has the same role also have the same permissions. So it is not possible for two users to have different permissions. One except is that you can specify that users has permission to specific companies.

The SUPER role beats them all! The super role has access to ALL FUNCTIONALITY and ALL DATA and should ONLY be used for those users who are really system administrators who is allowed to see and do everything.

But I’m not really sure this is your really problem.

The term Roles in NAV 2009 easy to confuse with the Role Center “Roles”, if your company is using the RoleTailored Client (RTC). In NAV 2013 Microsoft renamed the security Roles (where you select SUPER etc.) to Permission Sets to avoid this possible mix-up. There are no connection between which Role (aka Permission Set) and which Role Center profile a user is setup to use. Assigning a Role Center to a user does not change the users permissions, only how their Role Center should look like. So here two users might have the same “role” eg. SUPER, and when they open NAV in the RTC, then they see a different page. But if they go into the Departments Menu, then they will see and have access to the same things here.

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this explains it all.

Im hooured to have you respond to my inquiry


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