User Access Matrix

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I am an accountant working under contract and the company uses Navision. Because I am working on segregation of critical duties I have requested a User Access Matrix from IT here. It seems they cannot get one from the system, or even something generic.

I would have thought that it was fairly simple. I only need to see something generic, so I can get an idea of how to understand the security. For example a list of modules vertical & a list of functions within modules across the horizontal.

Is there such a generic document that someone could copy me please?

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I remember I saw this type of Matrix available for download from Navision at some point, but it did only support the “native” (non SQL Server) database. Which one are you using?h

We need more information about the confguration of Navision before we can answer the question.

Is the system using Database Logins or Windows Logins?

In each case the matrix of Users and Roles is stored in a dedicated table and it is easy to export this table into XL and create a Pivot Table to show the permissions (we use this as part of our audit control).

Which security method has been implemeted?

I have a solution, which has been removed here, please contact me for more information.