User Access list

How can I get a system generated list of users with access to a specified module within Navision 3.7? I know that browsing to tools > seurity > Windows logins will provide the list of users within the system and drilling down to each user will display the access held. I would like to see this information in the form of a single report or list and am not aware of how to obtain it. Please provide any suggestions that you may have.



Hm, if you ever used the designer and can create a new form or report then you should have a look at the following tables:

2000000002 User

2000000003 Member of

2000000053 Windows access control

2000000054 Windows login

And you might also gather more information from 2000000004 User Group and 2000000005 Permissions

If you need assistance to create a form or report, please ask here again and we can help you.

As a novice, I’ve only used the designer for informational purposes. I would definitely appreciate assistance with creating a form or report to satisfy this current need and future ones as they may arise.

Thanks again.