use '+' with Date or Char

Hi Everyone,

I have a requirement where I am trying to display the “Promised Receipt date” from “Purchase Line” Table on Purchase Order List page whose table is Purchase Header.How can I loop through the dates so that it doesn’t show me “Can’t use ‘+’ with Date or Char” error.Can someone please help me with code.

Also ,hoe can we make a cue for the same “Promised Receipt date” from “Purchase Line” Table as it doesn’t have any due date,I want tit show the count of number of item with today and future “Promised Receipt date” from “Purchase Line” " date.

What do you mean by “loop through the dates”?

Normally with dates you would use the virtual date table and loop through this table. Otherwise you can use CALCDATE(‘1D’)

One header can have multiple lines. Which line’s “Promised Receipt date” do you want to show?

I want to loop through all the line items in Purchase Line Tables. Wherever The Promised Received Date is not equal to the Expected Received Date,i need the get the count of such items.

Can you reframe it with an example?