Use of Organization Hiearchy with purpose Security

Organization Hiearchy with purpose Security - Does anybody know what is the real usage of it?

Is it just a alternative to give access to different clients to a user or we can use it further?

My Org hierarchy with purpose Security has a structure detailing LE-BU-DEPT-CC, so can the data be filtered (like record level security) using it? Can it be used to limit the use of XDS for security need?

I tried it but I found was the user gets access to only the legal entities mentioned in the Org hierarchy but the other levels of the same hierarchy are not then only ones he can access, I mean all BU’s, Dep’s CC’s are visible to him whereas I expected to see only the BU, Dep, CC which is there in the Org Hierarchy.

If any good documentation avilable which explains in details then please pass it on.


Organization hierarchy are used to view and report on your business from various perspectives, the hierarchy purposes that are defined by default are used to control policies and security mapping across the legal entities.

Please find the below link for more information, you can also browse from Partner source for a detailed document.