Use of Not blank Property

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what is the use of the Not blank property ?

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This property is only effective if the field is part of the key, and prevents to enter a blank value.

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This says that, if a field is marked as not blank than the users must enter a value in the selected field or text box.[:)]

Both above are true, but do not fully cover the feature.

First: read the C/Side Reference Guide (i.e. Technical Online Help) on the property.

Second: there is a different behaviour between fields (with the property set to Yes) that are part of the primary key (PK) or not.

Field is in PK

In that case you can never leave the field empty. Leaving the PK field (or actually when leaving any PK field field of the PK consist of more fields) will throw an error when the field is still empty:

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Classic

The field cannot be empty. Please enter a value.

Field is NOT in PK

If the field was empty when the record was created, the system will NOT throw an error when leaving the field when it is still empty. However, once a value has been entered (and validated) emptying the field will throw the error when leaving the field.

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