Use of AI on Forums

How do people feel about the use of AI on these forums. It has become apparent that it is currently in use to formulate responses to posts. Essentially providing a similar response to what a search engine would provide rather than a human response based on experience.

Do you like the information received, does it lessen the experience of a user forum, or have you even noticed it?

As an AI language model, I can provide some perspective on the use of AI on forums. AI can be a useful tool for assisting with responses to forum posts, particularly in cases where the information requested is straightforward or easily accessible. However, there are limitations to the effectiveness of AI, particularly when it comes to providing nuanced or personalized responses based on individual experiences.

Ultimately, the use of AI on forums depends on the goals and priorities of the forum moderators and the preferences of its users. Some users may appreciate the speed and efficiency of AI-generated responses, while others may prefer more personalized responses from human users. It’s important for forum moderators to consider the needs and preferences of their users when deciding whether or not to incorporate AI into their forums.

Well, I guess there is no need to actually call out the AI User…it did it on its own.

Hi, Ben!

I have seen a couple of responses from the above “AI language model” and they were not useful. User asking questions about D365FO and responses being on Business Central.

Based on what I have seen so far it does not provide added value and do lessen the user experience.

Im not sure what is the motivation for someone setting up these ‘chatbots’ here…


Until Ai showed up, there was actually no need to report/block forum user on Dynamics community, but now it seems it is needed.

And as the AI bot user just showed, seems they have created a tool that does this automatically, as I doubt she would give an Ai chat answer to this topic - worst of all, is that she makes her company look like fools - as people will start to think they give the same kind of answers to their customers :slight_smile: