Use Dll in Dynamics Ax , Use External Dll In Dynamics

hi all

i have a Dll that show Analog Time, like This Image and Other Dll That Writing by .net.

i want to use These Dll in Dynamics Ax.

I have done these things :

– i add dll in Add Refrences In Dynamics Ax

– Copy Dll in Bin Folder

but Cant Use in Dynamics Ax Form.

thanks all.

What to do obviously depends on what the file contains.

What does it contains in your case? Is it an ActiveX control, a WPF control or something else?

This IS Kind Of ActiveX DLL , for Example Preparation programs , Janus Dll , telerik dll , …

ActiveX controls must be first registered in Windows on the client machine (regsvr32.exe), then you can use New Control > ActiveX in an AX form and choose the control in ActiveX Browser form.

Nevertheless I know only WPF controls from Telerik, I’m not aware of any ActiveX controls.