Use Display methods for Title field on forms?

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Is it possible to use a display method as a title field on forms?

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  1. create a display method

display description titlename()


return “titlename” ;


2 . add a group in the form design

add a string edit under the group , and mention the datasource as a table name placed in the table and data method as display method name ex : titlename

  1. and also mention the style as title in the properties of string edit


if you want 2-titlefields u can put titlefields in form properties…

if u want ““More than 2 titlefields use"caption()” in table level”"…its a very gud method…i never used Display method for title fields…

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Yes we can use display method as titlefield

  1. in the caption() method of table write the below code

public str caption()


str ret;

ret = super();

ret = ; // news is a display method

return ret;


In the form design mention the datasource of table name

you can use it if you need even a single field ,not more than 2 field… you can display any number of fields

just use and return the display method in the caption method of table

Its working fine on my form, I hope this solve your problem

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