Use different UOM in Production Order

Hi! all NAV experts:

Is there a way to use a UOM which is different from base UOM in Production Order component?

For example:

10 bags of flour is purchased as UOM BAG, which has 50 pounds/bag and is stored in the warehouse. When the factory would like to make bread, 1 bag of flour is moved to the factory but one bag of bread only consume 5 pounds of the flour. there are 45 pounds left in the factory. I would like to see 9 bags and 45 pounds in the inventory.

The reason why I don’t use pound as base UOM is because it’s hard to do physical count…

I’m in NAV 2009 SP1.

Thanks a lot for your help.

Hi Andy,

Depends on what Warehouse Mgmt functionality you are using…

If Pick and Put-Away, then maybe you could perform an internal pick and put, where you could take one bag and change UOM to Pound during this movement and put in a Bin with LB as UOM and then pick from there (consume in LB) on your production order!! so during your physical counting (on BIN level) one Bin has items in Bag UOM and the other Bin has item in LB (the leftovers). It means that each time that you have a production order, if the LB bin has not enough inventory, you could do again another internal movement with UOM change to replenish that LB bin…