Use 2 different languages in SSRS Reports.

Hi guys

My client wants all its SSRS reports to be printed in 2 different languages.According to my regional settings,I Am working EN-us but along with that the report should be printed in 2 languages i.e EN-us & other.

Can you help how can i achieve it??

Please Help…

You can set language through SrsReportRdlDataContract.parmLanguageId().

For example, you can call this.parmReportContract().parmRdlContract().parmLanguageId(‘en-gb’) in your report controller class.

Thank You For your Reply Mr.Drab.

I want to explain the exact scenario i.e My client wants A single Report Suppose X to be printed in 2 Languages, 1 in en-us & other in ar i.e Arabic.

Label التسمية

India الهند

As you Can see,I want to achieve above scenario.On the Left Hand side of my screen Label & its Value is written in English & on the right hand side,the same thing is written in Arabic.My Default(Regional Language) is En-Us.

Can I achieve it with this or Can you suggest me some better Approach.

Thanks in Advance.

Aha, I didn’t get that you want both languages at the same time.

I would consider using SysLabel class for that. Here is an example.

Thanks Mr.Drab but I think the example you gave me is only for labels but i want to translate data i.e India in English(en-us) should be translated or printed into Arabic(ar) at run time or any other way I can do.

Report X

Label in English Label In Arabic

Value in English(TextBox) Value In Arabic(TextBox)

I think Now i made you understand what i want.

That’s trivial - just show your translated data, e.g. filter them by Language column or how you store translations.

Or do you expect AX to magically translate your data? It would be possible to use a translator (e.g. Bing Translator), but the quality is usually not good enough to be put to reports without editing.

Thank You Mr.Drab for your guidance.