Usages of posting Groups

Does anyone use the posting groups for other purpose than posting? I mean if anyone use the posting groups as source of info for reports. If not, please tell me why. Thanks in advance.

we will sometimes use posting groups for filtering i.e a inventory posting group “finished goods” is an easy way to filter on just the inventory items that are finished goods. This works fine in reports or real time filtering. The different posting groups could all point to the same G\L accounts and be used as filters.

Hi, I think setup should be as minimum as possible. As example Customer posting group: If you have 3 AR accounts it is better to have 3 posting groups because Balance on AR account should be equal Sum of balances of all clients with appropriate posting group. If you will have many groups with the same AR account it is very difficult to find such differences. Valentin Gvozdev

Posting groups is one of the fundamental concept of Navvison. If you get hold of it you can create wonders and get suitable information.

I will give you a few eg. of how I use them.

a) Gen Bus. Posting group- This group is primarily related to revenue (P&L +Inventory). Here I have created the following " Retail", Inter Company", Warranty, " Own Sale (Asset). I have assigned different Sales and COGS G/L’s for these. Thus I get in my G/L XXS-1 - Sales Retail

and the relevant

COGS in XXC-1 - COGS Retail

Similiarly for XXS-2 - Inter company Sales and XXC-2 - COGS Inter company.

b) For customer posting group - This group is primarily related to Balance sheet. I create Prepaid, Accrued etc. as customer and link it to specific G/L accounts in the balance sheet. eg. XX-Prepaid, XX- Accrued or XX- Intercompany. The advantage for prepaid and accrued as a customer rather than as a G/L is that in customer ledger you can do “apply” and get open balances, while in G/L you cannot “apply”.

In getting reports also, you can filter on the cutomer posting group to get specific balances of a small list rather than having a whole list.