Usage of Args class in axapta

Hi Everyone,

Iam new to X++ coding and axapta…Any one please tell me about the usage of args class in axapta.

Please send me some useful links for knowing more about args class/Various ways to use args class…and its implementation…

Thanks in Advance.

Hi Vinay,

Args class is used to pass arguments to a class constructor. you can pass names, caller, parameters …

If something should be delivered from the environment, initialize an Args object with the needed values, and supply that:

Args args = new Args();



For further info, you can check in Developers help available with Ax2009.



Hi Anitha,

Would u please explain with one small example…so that it will help me

Thanks Anitha

pl check the below link

hi vinay,

refer the link given by anitha,

actually args are used to pass objects ,string field, total table and enum from table to class ,forms and others.

this is used when we are creating class for the process , forms behave differentlly at diff places based on the record selected an one form. and more

you can get more knowledge about args , once you work with this class…pls dont post same question at multiple places.