Urgent: Help with Design and Creation of AR and AP Variable Aging Reports

Hi guys!

Basically I have this two problems hope that someone could help me out to do these reports as fast as possible cause I have to deliver these by friday.

First of all I have this problem I have to create variable summary aging reports and variable detailed aging reports for both AR and AP the main problem for these is to set the Variable aging cause my client wants periods for 1-30 days, 31-60 days, 61-90 days etc. at this point I think there’s no much problem I assume I can use the Customer Summary Aging Report and the Vendor Summary Aging Report and the Customer Detail Aging Report as examples for the new summary aging reports and detailed aging reports but they also want to see on these reports periods for 91-180, 181-270, 271-365 and over 365 days buckets, if you have any ideas of how to do this cause I don’t have any clue, and if you know which tables I have to use for these reports and could help me with the design and a brief help with the creation of these I would appreciate it too much.


Emanuel Galvan.

The Customer/Vendor Summary Aging report already does this. You specify the “size” buckets in the period length field. For 90 days you would use period length = 90D. The only limitation is you get 5 buckets: before 90 days, 91-180, 181-270, 271-360, over 361 days. In your example, your second to last bucket is a different size than the others – that’s pretty unusual.

For the detailed report, you will have to make a modification so that it measures overdue periods instead of months.