UpSizing databaze over 32G

I´v 4 native databases 2.01b 12G and I must fuse it to 1 database 250 users(size over 32G). Has somebody experience ?

Do you meen merge data from 4 databases to 1 ? I have done this couple years ago. This is a hard work. You must check all tables primary keys. Renaming in 12 Gb is horror !!! BTW You must check G/L inventory … I have merged 12 databases but it was ~1 Gb each.

Upgrade your Navision clients and server to Navision Financials 2.60 or Navision Attain 3.0 so you can get a maximum of 64 Giga. If you think you will hit the 64 gig soon you may want to consider to switch to SQL server. Maybe your NSC can set up your system on SQL for a trial period so you can see if the performance are acceptable. ######

Before even starting I would look very long and hard at what I could purge or compress. Is there historical data that you could move to an “off-line” database for occasional reference only (no updating, perhaps single user)? You may only need to consider the top (largest) four or five tables to make a significant difference in your final database size. Effort expended in reducing the size of the database(s) to be combined will pay back several times over. Dave Studebaker Liberty Grove Software A Navision Services Partner

What do you mean exactly by fusing the 4 databases ? Do you also want to fuse the companies ? I don’t think so. Probably you want to fuse 4 companies in 4 databases into 4 companies in one database. If that is the case, then the problem is not too big. The tables that are common to all companies have to be worked over, so that they suite for all 4 companies. Then the rest is only restoring company-backups into the new database. I assume that the objects in all 4 databases are identical. If you really want to fuse the 4 companies into one company, then i would like to know the reason. Maybe there are alternatives.