Uploading Beginning Balances and Uploading Database


I have a question…

How can I upload beginning balances in AX and how to upload the database?

Thank you so much. I’m having a hard time of working it out.


You use journals.

You may use definition groups or scrips or the customer may manually key them

The uploading of the database is done as part of the project lifecycle depending upon the customer, you either start with a blank one or a partner will have a base starting point.

Thank you so much!

I have tried creating a new database using the definition groups. :slight_smile: it was successful!

I have another prolem, i can’t see the Master Data imported from Excel… when i tried to upload d 2nd time, the infolog says that the items already exist but it is not shown in the company’s master data.

What process you have followed in importing the data???

You may not have included all the tables required for that…

The data is in some tables but not in others, so your imprt is missing out tables. Run teh consistency check in Basic - Perioidic and get someone who understands the requirments to look at what you are doing.

I exported the Master data from CEU company, it was already templated.

i created a definition group then i used it in exporting the item master data of CEU…

i included 6 tables, InventItemInventSetup, InventItemSalesSetup, InventTable, InventTableModule, InventItemLocation and InventItemPurchaseSetup.

after that, i created a new database.

when i tried to import the Item Master Data Template to the new database, the infolog showed no error.

When i checked the Item details, there are no items found.

i really need ur help.

thank you!

As suggested by adam, run the Inconsistency Check from basic…

okie, i’ll try. Thanks a lot!

Hi there,

I have imported successfully the vendor master, customer master, asset master, etc.

Use the template wizard to export the data from CEU, tick the Export Data check box. You just have to be aware of the required columns. Afte that, use MS Excel Import to import it to another company.

I hope it will help others.


Thank you adam and kranthi…

Hello Kranthi,

You seem to be a very knowledgeable person. I’m new to dynamics AX 2009 and want to learn the procedure of uploading open balances. I’d be obliged if you could please guide me through the every step of doing that.


It maybe best if you start assessing the options, definition groups, scripts, then understanding each. If you are a non-developer you will usethe definition groups, but this does not mean it will be easy, or possible, or trouble free, but you have to start, make your choices and then ask questions when you get stuck. I am sure Kranthi could spent a day sitting with you guiding you through every step and every option, but this forum is not really the place for that.

Hi Adam,

By describing the steps I meant a brief description of the steps invovled. Such as, which ledger and tables to be used for uploading the open G/L, customer or vendor balances. I would apprecite if you or someone else could explain it to me.


You post them all into the same table - the ledgerJournalTrans table. This way you create an open journal and post it and the posting of the journal ensures all validation and dimension requirements are correct.

Have a llok at how the general journal works and how you can post to customers, vendors, ledger accounts etc and you will see it can do it all.

Thanks Adam- you’ve been a great help. I am much obliged to you.