Upgrading Navision 2.01

Greetings Our company will upgrade over the next several months from Win98 to Windows 2000 Professional. Would it be advisable to upgrade to Attain? I know accounting is happy with Navision 2. That’s because it took two years to tweak the modules and to get it all running efficiently. The reservation from Management would be migration/upgrade issues and cost. Assuming that we can overcome the financial investment burden is there a website, location, source of information that can outline and detail the steps necessary for a complete and successful upgrade/migration? My function is to prepare and advise any software changes with the company. I need to turn over to management information that is clear and insightful. Hopefully the information package will support moving our project forward. Thanks for your attentions

Hi Parvadigar Are you aligned with the NSC that wrote the original modifications or did you do them in-house? If an NSC did them I would advise contacting them about the upgrade implications and costs, if you are no longer with them I would still advise contacting your current NSC or even others. It will be a good starting point for you.

I advise you before looking into the “how to” upgrade you should rather start if it is really beneficial for you to upgrade. If you are happy with your current Financials installation, and Attain doesn’t offer additional and new functionality that would come in handy, I would stick to the working solution. Financials can be installed without any problems on W2k. On the other hand, you might consider what is called a “technical” upgrade which includes only the executables (fin.exe both on the server and the client machines) but you stick to your database version (you simply import a backup of your current Financial database into the new Attain database). Saludos Nils